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denSMART improves patient care, helps maximize your clinics’s productivity by covering every step of the patient journey from appointment scheduling to sending out reminders, and offers advanced software features with built-in business solutions created with efficiency in mind. It makes clinical and administrative routines run smoother and provides powerful tools for managing your dental clinic – whether it is a single clinic or a whole chain of them.

Achieve optimum performance

Know how your practice is performing on a monthly basis. You need the tools to look inside your business and see how effectively it is operating against a range of key performance indicators (KPIs). First and foremost set targets for your practice, next monitor your numbers each month and benchmark your practice against the averages. In reality performance monitoring is difficult due to accessing the right data or the time constraint, but denSMART helps in monitoring your performance, ensuring you are on track plus we can help you make modifications so that you can improve your profitability.

denSMART help customers run a successful business which is satisfying, profitable and filled with happy a team and patients. We focus on new patient acquisition and developing revenue growth from existing patients using multi-channel communications that can be instantly tracked. We therefore equip you with the necessary tools and also make your presence felt on the Internet 24x7 with website and online marketing.

Profitability Checkup

denSMART analyses and measures your practice performance like an expert by analyzing key performance indicator (KPI) statistics of your practice:

New Patient Analysis

Schedule Management

Continuing Care


Next it flags the areas where your practice is under-performing, and offers recommendations to help you improve. Use our software to organize information and create custom reports that make sense for your practice.

Save time, hassle, money by going paperless

denSMART is the next generation of dental software. Our revolutionary software transforms dental offices into fully automated, paperless practices. Digitize your practice’s intake forms, consent forms, medical history forms, and more! Now don’t waste time, hassle and expense associated with purchasing paper and ink, creating and retrieving paperwork and updating patient forms. You need just a click for updating patient files and reminding them of upcoming appointments. It’s time for you to go paperless.

Boost Security

With digital records, you don't have to worry about paper documents that can be misplaced. We store digital patient records, increasing your ability to access your practice data in the event of an emergency or disaster. Your practice and patient information is fully protected. If your phone is lost or stolen, access can be revoked from your device to proactively and effectively mitigate a potential breach.

Reduce Error and Save Time

Eliminate mistakes associated with handwritten records or misplacing a file. You save time spent in creating notes for common procedures. With denSMART complete patient information—conditions, completed procedures, treatment plans, exams, tooth histories and more—is displayed in one convenient place, on the bottom half of the patient's chart. A checkbox menu lets you choose the notes you need to see, filtered by date or type of entry.

Increase Your Productivity

Automated phone calls allow you to reach patients, so you can stay engaged with 100% of your patients thus reducing no-shows. You are able to see more patients per day and ensures continuing-care revenue stream for your practice. By staying in touch year-round, makes patients confident about care provided at your practice, loyal and more likely not to miss their appointments. This confidence also makes the patients refer your practice to others.

Connectivity from Anywhere

Fast access your practice data from your smartphone or tablet to get patient information anytime, even after hours, verify patient prescriptions on the go, see appointments scheduled for you, look up detailed patient demographics, prescription histories, medical alerts and more. Make informed decisions, even from remote locations.

The Smartest Business Assistant

denSMART is the smartest business assistant you could wish for. It offers the most efficient business management tools, user-specific reports let you see the most important statistics and key figures at once – raising controllability of your business to a new level with daily progress on practice goals where your entire team can work together. Makes important patient information immediately accessible, to help improve patient care and overall business operations with a quick snapshot of case acceptances, new patients and scheduling so each team member knows what they need to do today, and for the remainder of the month, to stay on target.

Motivate Your Employee

Boost performance by getting the most out of your team with denSMART practice management software. You need a team who are on board with your practice goals and visions and feel empowered to do the things that are going to make a difference to your business. In order to reach this level of empowerment, you need to give them the best tools, knowledge and support that will help them utilise their skills in a way that’s going to give the individual and the business the best possible outcome. We sure everybody is on the same page in terms of individual, team and business targets by tracking key performance indicators.

Leading Practice Management Software For Complete Dental Practice, Supported By Team Of Experts

Web Site Manager

denSMART is a leading practice management software covering your entire practice management system for a successful dental business. denSMART is specifically designed to help you run your practice and boost your business performance. The software evolved over years of researching and analyzing thousands of practices to give dentists everything they need to automate many mundane but essential management tasks that collectively determine the financial success of a practice.

denSMART transforms practice performance by organizing all the different processes involved and improves the key performance indicators that govern long-term success. The software integrates features including Automated Recalls, Marketing Manager, Workflow Manager and Utilization Manager.

Customer Success Program

Implementing new software at a dental practice involves significant change, whether you are installing systems for the first time or changing a provider. We feel that this affects the whole dental team by time spent in learning the system, fixing issues and ‘guessing’ at best-practice – at a cost to your business in terms of productivity. With denSMART, this transition is planned, controlled and fast tracked as we work with you to manage this change. We appoint a dedicated customer success consultant at your end who makes this switch easier by working with you on a one-to-one basis over the next 12 months. This ensures that your objectives are listened to, best practice behavior is reinforced and KPIs are tracked to demonstrate your ROI.

All we need is dedication and passion from you as an owner and your team to push boundaries and ensure full potential is unlocked.

Marketing Manager

Tracking the patient journey and monitoring your return on investment is vital to the success of marketing campaigns. denSMART’s marketing manager enables you to target the right patient at the right time by automatic scheduling and send marketing campaigns to targeted patient lists straight which encourages optimum treatment uptake. You are able to instantly monitor return on investment because responses are also tracked automatically via denSMART’s intelligent software. Our software’s templates and designs enable you incorporate your own practice branding, including flyers, direct mail to personalize communication.

Channel Track

Pinpoint where and how you are generating new patients by tracking the effectiveness of your communications. denSMART helps you to understand which words of your marketing campaign are working best for your practice. We can help you find exactly how you are generating new patients by adding unique phone numbers to each of your marketing channels and website. Our software also enables you to record conversations with patients, enabling you to monitor how effectively new patient enquiries are dealt with and introduce additional training where needed.

Recall Manager

Patients are usually recalled using post, text, email and phone calls. Given the complexity of sending several messages across multiple media it is tough to implement a highly effective recall system. By automating the recall process, our Recall Manager ensures that the recall process is not reliant on an individual and therefore runs seamlessly. This improves workflow and captures more information, with a color-coded graph that acts as a visible call-to-action. Recall effectiveness increases 60% or higher thus improving chair-time utilization by around 5% by increasing patient flow. When denSMART fully automates the process by Recall Manager, recall effectiveness reaches 85% thereby increasing revenues by as much as 16.5%.

Utilization Manager

The average practice is only 72% utilized with disproportionate overheads, while top-performing practices achieve over 95% utilization, resulting in higher efficiency and revenue. denSMART enables practices to intelligently achieve the optimum treatment blend and drives profitability. The tools available in Utilization Manager ensure that processes are automated and patient flow is prioritized. The software books appointments for the future and also simultaneously prompts the receptionist to ask whether the patient would like an earlier appointment should a gap arise. If the answer is affirmative, the patient is automatically placed on a short-notice list. This list also includes patients who recently failed to attend or canceled and didn't rebook. The software then proposes a list of names of those ideally suited to fill the gap, with options to either call or text patients. Thus the Manager is specifically designed to make best use of all available surgery time.

Workflow Manager

Workflow Manager focuses on inbound and outbound workflow processes – in other words, every patient is asked to fix their next appointment once their treatment is finished. The next visit is slotted before they leave the practice keeping in mind the appropriate appointment interval, which shows automatically in the patient’s notes. This makes it easy for reception staff to follow the clinician’s instructions and, based on professional recommendation, re-book the patients. Other aspects of the patient’s record – such as outstanding debt, incomplete or outdated medical history, consent to receive marketing communications and even the patient’s birthday all automatically show in the patients notes. This or other relevant information about the patient can be customized as per the practice or the nuances of the clinician.

Care Manager

All outstanding treatments are shown on one single dashboard of denSMART software along with the ability to action, prioritize, assign and track each opportunity, the software makes converting tasks into appointments effortless. This helps to unlock revenue, as well as follow up on patients to ensure they have all the information they need and are ready to receive the treatment prescribed.

Team Chat

We enable your dental and administrative staff to communicate seamlessly. Our offline communication tool offers a direct link between all computers with clear, but non-intrusive notifications for even more efficient communication.

Team Hours

The easiest and most accurate way to keep track of staff hours worked. Your employees’ hours will be tracked from the moment they sign in, to the moment they sign out. You can also configure your overtime rates and manager overrides to keep your numbers accurate and ready to transfer to your payroll system.

Inventory Management

Keep track of dental inventory in your practice with our available barcode scanner or through manual entry. Receive notifications when quantities of material are running low as well as vendor price comparisons.

Contract Billing

For ongoing treatments, offer your patients a contract billing option to reduce headaches for your admin staff. Our contract billing software allows you to submit claims, send invoices, and automatically update ledgers for up to 50 patients at a time.

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