denSMART Charting

Key Features

Intutive 3D Charting

denSMART welcomes you to the digital world of 3D charting with an intuitive user interface. We provide you with the ease of running your practice with Restorative, Periodontal, Pedodontics and also a Mixed dentition charting. Select the tooth and the clinical condition and thats about it! We also give you the flexibility of choosing a 3D or 2D format. The visual power of denSMART charting to communicate a mouthful of conditions & treatments will leave you speechless.

One-Click Treatment Planning

Convert charting activity into treatment plans that can be presented chair-side with one-click. Streamline your workflow naturally with our colour coded treatment planning. Record the clinical condition and you will be presented with a number of treatment options along with the treatment recommended and the estimated treatment cost.

Pedo Charting

A graphical display of Primary teeth along with images of diseases and treatments available for them.

Resto Charting

A graphical display of Permanent teeth along with images of diseases and treatments available for them.

Mixed dentition Charting

There is a provision within Primary Dentition to view mixed dentition diseases and treatment procedures.

Perio Charting

It displays a graphical charting of the periodontal problems like the bleeding, occlusal trauma, recession, and furcation grades. The clinical attachment levels and the gingival margin can be drawn & displayed

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