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Key Features

denSMART helps to enhance clinical efficiency by using comprehensive software tools for charting, treatment planning and progress notes rather than spending time on managing the patient. We provide you more ability to render quality care by connecting your clinical and financial process into one efficient workflow. For complete chair side management our software integrates all patient information and all related records of patient can be accessed on Chair Side screen.

You can increase revenue without increasing opening hours or adding another chair, by improving your in chair-time utilisation. Reducing white space in the diary and increasing the number of high value treatments to push up daily revenues and average hourly earnings. This can be done by implementing an effective recall system as well as managing your short notice cancellations and failure to attend rates. The end result is a smooth clinic where charts are organized with details of treatments offered as well as process treatments and transactions directly from that same chart – saving you time.

Chair side Solutions for Your Practice

Streamline your workflow of Clinical Examination

Easy to use, intuitive and flexible:

denSMART’s charting creates the roadmap for a clear treatment plan helps your patients understand what’s needed and why, leading to higher treatment acceptance rates. Accurate charting is also essential; inaccuracies leave the front desk unsure how to bill patients.

This helps in efficient treatment planning with clarity. Realistic tooth modeling makes explaining treatment plans to patients easier, leading to higher acceptance rates. One-click access to images and patient history gives you a complete understanding of your patients’ needs.

Faster charting:

Charting a procedure is a simple two-step process: Select the tooth, then the procedure, and you’re done. Our charts are designed so restorations can be painted right on the tooth, so you can chart a multiple-surface restoration, including an MOD, in seconds.

Simple treatment planning:

Drag your mouse over the tooth surface to automatically get a treatment plan. Easily create multiple treatment plans, and arrange them in the order you prefer. Illustrate treatment options to patients in a clear, straightforward way, leading to increased treatment acceptance.

Easily create multiple treatment plans, and arrange them in the order you prefer. Illustrate treatment options to patients in a clear, straightforward way, leading to increased treatment acceptance.

Paint restorations directly on the tooth, enabling you to chart a multiple-surface restoration in seconds.

Integrate Digital Images

Integrate digital images from a variety of different sources into one single database. It stores, retrieves, prints and copies an image, while keeping its original format. This software works with a range of different imaging hardware, from cameras to x ray machines, with pictures instantly uploaded after they have been taken. The images are add them to a patient’s treatment plan or presentation or emails. Images are listed chronologically with additional data such as date, type, tooth and notes included. Thumbnail views in the charts allow easy and immediate access; a double click expands the image to a full size so it can be viewed in more detail. You can dramatically improve image quality to adjust overly bright or darken areas, which leads to further increase in visible detail.

Record Findings and Treatment Procedure

denSMART record all procedures on multiple tooth surfaces. The three-dimensional modeling view gives you and your patients a more lifelike representation of the dental chart.

You can record and store perio metrics such as:


Furcation grades

Probing depths

Bleeding and suppuration points

Gingival margins


Bone loss and more

This perio data can be viewed numerically or graphically.

Upgrade your Charting Experience

Upgrade your charting experience with a stunning, interactive odontogram and periodontal charts that can be compared and overlayed to show changes in exams and patient progress over time. It also improves case management by automatically tracking plan acceptance, scheduling and progress. Use easy keyword searches for treatments and custom auto-codes and multi-codes to make charting quick and easy.

3D Clinical Charting

Choose the appropriate view for the work required (such as upper, lower, quadrant, side of mouth, arch, 3D)

Generate presentations based on the treatment plan

Rotate teeth, open or close the bite, and display an arch view.

Preparing and presenting patient data has never been easier and can now be achieved in seconds.


Our platform includes a database of thousands of drugs and you have the flexibility to upload or add your own for quick prescribing. The software will even alert you and your staff if a prescription is problematic based on the patient's medical history.

Employee Tracker

A completely integrated employee sign-in/sign-out module that tracks employee working hours. Specialized "customized events" track time spent on specific employees activities.

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