denSMART’s Security

Key Features

Build a Home in your Private Cloud

With denSMART, you get an industry-first private cloud solution that streamlines your practice and secures your data. A public cloud storage poses several security risks. Feel secure with a private pool of database with absolutely no threats.

Role- based Access

Create user roles (front office, provider, billing, admin, owner) and control what features of iDentalSoft each staff member can access. Your staff and junior doctors see everything they need to but not what they don't need to. Your consultants see only their own appointments and no financials. Your staff can access data on mobile only if authorised by you.

Access Authorisation

With Advanced Security option, you can ensure that your practice data can be accessed only from PCs/laptops authorised by you. This means even your users can't access it outside the clinic without your permission.

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