Digital Imaging
denSMART Imaging

Key Features

Capture and Import Images

denSMART Imaging allows you to capture images of photographs of extra oral and introaoral views of the teeth, in a sequence and store them in different formats. You can also present them in a standard layout format.

You have the power to capture photographs from files, videocameras or digital cameras and also intraoral cameras for intraoral mages. You can capture any number of images and then select required image.

Digital Imaging Radiographs

denSMART Imaging can capture cephalograms, OPGs and other X-rays and present them in the standard layout format. images can be captured during pre and post operative procedures, multiple times. Densmart organises this collection of images u in proper presentable formats.

Predict, Analyse and Consult

By using denSMART tools, you can manipulate images for restoration, overlapping or crowded arches, and present to the patient, the pre and post correction analysis, during patient consultation.

This helps in communicating and assuring the patient about the outcome of the treatment, thereby, increasing the acceptance rates.

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