Chairside is the denSMART brain from where the dentist can control and co-ordinate all activities and access all patient's records efficiently and effortlessly. The chairside screen has been designed keeping in mind the requirements of the dentist and it facilitates access to patient records with ease. Just a click and any photographs, X-rays or graphical images can be retrieved on screen, along with the details of the patient’s dental conditions.

Key Features

Laboratory and Inventory Management

The user can also send and track the lab prescriptions, sent dates and expected dates. This ensures better communication with the technician.

denSMART also enables you to track items, vendors, purchases, payables and inventory stocks. This reduces the amount of errors that can take place including the number of staffs involved in the process.

One- Click Treatment Planning

Convert charting activity into treatment plans that can be presented chair-side with one-click. Streamline your workflow naturally with our colour coded treatment planning.

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