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Key Features

Are you aware that new patients are the lifeblood of a practice? denSMART offers a strategy to attract the right kind of patients will help you build a successful and sustainable business by building loyalty. It is important to maintain a healthy balance between new and existing patients and understand which types of patients will grow your practice. Our software uses technology is intelligently designed, yet easy to use and giving your dental team free time to support patient care. We have the all the tools you need to make attracting new patients as effortless and automated as possible, whilst still maintaining full control. We provide the best possible journey for your new patients, making it easy for them to find you online and book appointments instantly.

Our integrated solutions give you and your practice team everything you need to cover all the key areas of practice marketing; from nurturing potential patients until they are ready to book an appointment, to sending promotional and educational communications to targeted patient lists.

Patient Engagement Redefined


Each patient’s visit starts and ends at the front desk which is the key to your success. The more efficient your front office team, the better patient experience your practice can provide. The right dental office software makes the difference between order vs. confusion, on time vs. delayed, and simple vs. complicated. We automate everyday tasks enabling your dental front office to focus on patient satisfaction and your profitability.

Recall system

Recall is the backbone of any successful dental practice, as it is this system that drives appointments, enables the optimisation of available chair-side time, determines the treatment mix and therefore dictates hourly earnings. Recall begins with fully automating your recalls via email, print and text to secure a steady stream of patients throughout the year. This is strategically timed with multi-channel messages. With our software, we set up a best practice recall strategy that works for both you and your patients; freeing up your front desk team to spend more time on the important stuff, whilst ensuring your patients get the treatment they need, when they need it.

Streamline Patient Check-in and Checkout

This helps your front desk shorten patient check-in and checkout times. Patient dental records, account status and other important information all appear on one screen, enabling faster check-in. Online Booking allows patients to book re-care appointments online, at their convenience, instead of at checkout time. Simple icons and color-coded layouts make it easy to view the most important information all in one place. The patient experience is improved by giving the front office access to check in, call ins, check out, etc.

Powerful Scheduling Tools

Change any appointment or group of appointments with simple drag-and-drop functionality.

Block out dates/times based on your needs.

Create custom views for any operatory or provider.

Move forward/backward in any range of dates with just one click.

Access appointment information from anywhere with an internet connection.

Improve your Communication with your Patient

denSMART patient engagement solution improves patient engagement by improving office efficiency. Our software automatically sends reminders, birthday or holiday greetings, and pre-appointment instructions using emails, text messages and phone calls which helps improve communication. Patients can interact online with your clinic at per their schedule—using self-service tools that save your team’s valuable time. Online scheduling software helps your office reach patients more efficiently using automated text messages and e-mail. By using the denSMART, you can reach patients in the ways they prefer; improve both office efficiency and overall production. They can conveniently book their appointments online and in real time—even when your office is closed.

Reduce Missed Appointments

Reduce missed appointments with smart scheduling which efficiently manage your schedule. denSMART offers all the possible required information on one screen, thus automatically increasing levels of efficiency. View the entire day’s appointments, schedule operatories and providers, enter treatment plans and confirm appointments with just a few clicks. This will also help to reduce missed appointments as you can send reminders using the delivery methods your patients prefer (email, text or phone) at specific intervals. Create message campaigns and schedules most effective for your practice.

Simplify Communication and Save Time

Create, schedule and view the status of all campaigns—email, text and phone—in one place, Patients can confirm via email or text, reducing phone calls and saving time for your team. Your team can spend more time on the patient care in the office rather than hours on the phone. Set up campaigns once and send them automatically in many ways throughout the year, including birthdays, holiday greetings, local events and special offers. Send prior instructions to patients to ensure that your patients arrive ready for treatment. We also create personalised campaigns across email, post and SMS and automate the sending to remove manual work and time of your team.

Avoid Over-Messaging

With denSMART software, your messages arrive at the right time in the right way without ”spamming“ your patients. Appointment confirmations occur in real time, so messages stop as soon as the appointment is confirmed. By sending the right information at the right time, we are able to avoid over messaging and reach patients and proactively intervene before costs and complications escalate.

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